Pretty good day at The Track.

Because security was never more important, Hard Learner proudly presents Wallet.

Toe Head: The Charm.

New York City Cops: Eat this, Sipowicz.

The Hard Learner Year in Sports

Vague (And Sometimes) Malapropistic Warnings I Come Up With While Driving, For Use In An Auto Accident That Suddenly Becomes Confrontational, Which All Have The Effect Of Saying, "Lay Off With The Threatening Language."

Sunday Brunch


Funnytoon presents four made up curse words to replace Goddamit.

A memo from the Front Office

Let's play Dress Up.

Cars can't talk. Or can they? Ghost Car

Hard Learner Autos for Sale

It's Going to be a Heady Afternoon

15 Second Theater Presents: The Claim Jumper

Funny as a can of talking furniture wax: Funnytoon

15 Second Theater Presents: Payday

Dolly (Adapted from the Second Dialogue of Plato's Trilogy) (Workshop draft from The Dollywood Ole Interpretive Opry)

15 Second Theater Presents: The Precinct

Combinations of Skittles

15 Second Theater Presents: Cocktail Party

Hardlearner proudly presents the return of Funnytoon.

Jim Flood's essay on Sighting a Celebrity While Waiting in the Snack Line on a Northeast-Bound Amtrak Train

15 Second Theater Presents: Payday

Are they available yet? No they're Coming Soon

The Lost Writings of Mark Richardson

15 Second Theater Presents: A Recent Conversation with My Parents

Get results with AmeriPrayer

Futuristic letters to Glenn who writes a Science Trivia Newsletter

For no good reason: Lawns of Myron

Exotic bet: Quiniela

World No-Tobacco Day 

Your Lucky Numbers 


Eight rules for Photoplays 


Answer to question N  

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