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Cop Party
When the bachelor party for Lt. Dave Winsome (Brendan Frasier) takes a wrong turn, put out an APB for laughs. The partiers' Winnebago ends up in the hands of a hilariously inept Columbian drug lord, who wants all 60 kilos of Winsome's lovely bride to be, Debby (Susan May Pratt). Calling all cars! Riot at State and Elm--a laugh riot!

Ghost Cop
Pauly Shore plays the late Fred Hardland, a cop killed in action who turns up to torment his old partner, the hilarious Chris Tucker. When Hardland finds out that Capt. O'Hannigan (Rip Torn) has replaced him with a German Shepherd, one thing is for sure: Fur is gonna fly!

No, Not Again!
Sherman Hemsley is Sgt. Joe Peters, a crotchety cop teamed up with loose cannon Coopers Waterhouse (Andy Dick), an undercover narcotics agent with a morphine habit--and a nose for solving crimes.

Tyler Chambers (Tobey Maguire) has a case of the munchies, and he's got it bad. When he meets Italian bombshell Gabriella Patrignani (Gabrielle Reese), it's only a matter of time before his national cooking show takes a tumble. With a little love (and a lot of garlic) it's an espicy a-love a-story!

That's What She Said
Pauly Shore stars as La Hoya Motorbike Champion Skids Havesham in this retelling of the 1960s classic. Returning from a stint in the war, Skids only has eyes for the track until he meets long-legged beauty Kelly Riverwood (Julia Stiles). Their relationship takes new turns when the two meet on--and off--the track at the La Hoya racing circuit.