Memo from the Front Office

RE: The Kitchen. Straighten up, you.

--Pls, pls, pls stop leaving used coffee filters in the kitchen area. Do you like vermin? I hope so, because that's the kind of pest you attract when you leave used coffee filters in the kitchen area.

--Each HL employee is expected to wash their own coffee mug. What's that? You don't have a coffee mug? Well. Perhaps you missed the memo dated Aug. 12, 2001, entitled "Each employee has been provided with one company coffee mug." Did you miss that memo? See memo dated March, 4, 2000, "Each employee is responsible for reading each memo from HL HQ." Buck stops here, I'm afraid.

More memos as time permits. I wish all the people on the second floor could stop being such stupid little idiots <g>. Sigh.