Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I ask you to pray for me?
At AmeriPrayer, we consistently achieve prayer fulfillment of 98 percent or better.

Will you pray for my new car, truck, boat, or jet ski?
Yes. However, the Jet Ski program is new and results are inconclusive.

Why can't I just ask someone I know to pray for me?
See Question 1.

What are PrayerPoints?
Each prayer request is assigned a numerical value, between 5 and 10 points. After 100 PrayerPoints, your account will be credited with a free prayer.

If I use the free prayer, what can I have AmeriPrayer pray for?
AmeriPrayer will pray to Him for a good or service of equal or lesser value of your previous prayer. See our Terms of Service for more information.

Is there a God?
You betcha. And he's 40 percent more likely to answer your prayer if you use our GiftGiving technology, the result of 15 years of research. No one is going to provide you with better results. Ask your pastor, your rabbi, your deacon: Are you 98 percent sure He'll provide me what I want? Nobody--nobody--puts up our numbers

There's a God, for real?
Do the math, champ. Our payouts are higher than the next three brokers combined. Don't believe what they told you: You do have a prayer. With AmeriPrayer.