Letters to Glenn, who writes a science trivia newsletter.

Messages 1 and 2, in an occasional series

Subject: Anyone Interested in the possibilities of time travel?
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 11:25:41 EST

I've designed a Time Machine and a Galaxy Jumper, I Invented a Wireless Dygnostic Portable Wireless hand held malfunction Engine Scanner, it has a tracking device, Sensors in it for finding problems in Motors, plus I'm work on developing a device that disassembles solid objects and reassembles them in other locations. I design free form futuristic Houses, cars, submersibles. I have no money or Contacts for building Prototypes, How can I find Scientist with Open Minds who are not argumentative skeptics, Engineers who can Mathematically configure, build free form shapes, I only Create on paper.

Subject: Futuristic Inventions Now
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2000 17:48:17 EST

I'm developing a Box that Lights up, you put Bulk Mail in it, click Destination, it automatically turns on, disassembles Bulk Mail and Reassembles it at Required Destination, We have the Technology, Nothing Is impossible With God. Where skeptics will say it is Impossible but doers make it Possible. Cuts Shipping Costs, Time to get there, smaller mail will still be hand delivered, and planes and ships will still ship mail and oversized Cargo. Anyone interested in my Inventions on Anti-Gravity Electro Magnetic Propulsion Systems and Design Created Systems used in TV Movies like "Earth The Final Conflict' Futuristic Creations Prototypes by 1) Designs Unlimited 2) Project Space Communications