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Edna Warren

Tom Weatherby, in love with Edna.

Louis Weatherby, Tom's brother and rival.

Saloon Habitues




Edna Gordon discovers Tom Weatherby at the thoroughbred races. Instantly, she falls in love. She spies Louis Weatherby and inquires about Tom's standing. Louis tells Edna that Tom is to be married, a falsehood. Edna is horrified. Tom returns from the restroom to find the fetching Edna and asks her to be his bride. She declines, more distressed than before. Meanwhile, Louis has gained favor with Edna. Tom is sullen and exits to the track saloon, then falls unconscious. A group of drunken bystanders begin to molest Tom, causing a loud disturbance. Louis comes to his aid, and in a moment of remorse, admits his duplicity. Tom asks once more for Edna's hand, and this time, cheered on by the track Nurse and Doctor, she agrees.